Handmade Zine Starter Kit

  • Handmade Zine Starter Kit
  • Handmade Zine Starter Kit
  • Handmade Zine Starter Kit
  • Handmade Zine Starter Kit
  • Handmade Zine Starter Kit

Due to their handmade nature, Zine Kits take 1-2 weeks to ship out!
Please remember that I always share zine resources, tips, and tutorials on my social media accounts for FREE, but this kit is great it you need additional inspiration and supplies sent to you.

If you've ever had an interest in making zines but feel overwhelmed with getting started, this zine kit is for you! Complete with everything needed to make mini AND standard-size zines, all that's required from you is your imagination! Use the kit and included supplies to make your zine; you'll have the tools and skills to make more.

This kit is handmade and each box WILL be different than the one shown. However, the material contained inside is as follows:

- Zine instructions + tutorials
- Pen & Glue stick
- Pair of scissors
- Permanent marker
- Stickers
- 1 needle and thread for binding
- Blank zine templates (both mini and standard size)
- Variety scrap paper
- My personal zine resources

And more!

It's a complete zine workshop sent right to your door. Your box is entirely hand sourced and took a lot of time to make, I hope that it helps you on your zine journey. Zines are all about self-expression so get funky with it and don't be afraid to share your creations with the rest of us :)

SHIPPING: Depending on where the zine kit is going, shipping may range from $8.00 - $12.66 in the U.S.

Shipping for outside the states starts at $21.69, but could be more depending on location. These are current USPS rates for a box this size and weight (12 X 8 X3 and weighing 1lb 5 ounces) and I do not control these prices.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding the kit, shipping, or your pending order. I'm happy to help!