Meet Bre

Bre holding up her zine made for Mac DeMarco’s Official Fan Club (2021). Only 300 physical copies were made and distributed and now it is available for digital viewing on

Bre is a Black + Polynesian (Hawaiian and Samoan) writer and illustrator currently living in 
Long Beach, CA📍

In the past year Bre has been hired to create original content for Cricut, artwork for local businesses in her city, and an official fan club zine for singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco. Mostly known for her zines, Bre is also a freelance copywriter and earned her B.A. in English, Creative Writing from CSULB (2019).

Bre is currently accepting zine commissions; please e-mail [email protected] for more details or any other freelance inquiries! You can also find her on Instagram (@brattyxbre_) and TikTok (@brattyxbre)